Ordinances Welcome to Berlin Township-St. Clair County. As we are a zoned community, we do have ordinances in place to ensure the safety of our residents. We have posted the most frequently requested ordinances on our website for your convenience. If you have any questions concerning other ordinances, please call our office at (810) 395-4518 or contact us via our contact form.

Burn Permits ***** IMPORTANT NOTICE Burning permits are required in Berlin Township. Burn permits are available at Berlin Township Hall free of charge. You must fill out the proper paperwork for a permit. It is good for four days and you may extend it by calling the Township Hall. It is illegal to burn building materials in Michigan, this includes 2×4’s.  Call Township Offices if you have any questions.

Dog Licenses   If the Township is given permission from the St. Clair County Animal Control, Dog Licenses can be paid for at the Berlin Township Hall  during normal office hours.  You may call (810) 395-4518 for more information.

Emerald Ash Borer  St. Clair County is a closed county for transporting firewood across county lines. The Emerald Ash Borer has caused significant ash tree death and destruction.  You can obtain information on this issue at the township hall or visit the website at  www.michigan.gov/mda.  Follow the links on the michigan.gov website to obtain more information.